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Ilyasah Shabazz On Malcolm X’s Story, How Collective Leadership Will Impact Social Change + More

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Malcolm X’s is carrying on her father’s legacy

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Part One: Ilyasah Shabazz: Comparing Dr. King to her Father Malcolm X is “Divisive”

The Real

Part Two: Ilyasah Shabazz Talks New Book “The Awakening of Malcolm X”

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Hosted by Soledad O’Brien The “Matter of Fact Listening Tour” Explores Race, Identity & Justice

Matter of Fact

Ilyasah Shabazz shares that her father, Malcolm X, said this generation would demand change

Matter of Fact

Ilyasah Shabazz shares what people expected from the daughter of Malcolm X

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Unmuted: Ilyasah Shabazz on teaching Black history in schools and the legacy of her father Malcolm X

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Two Generations, One Goal: A Conversation About Black Liberation


There’s No American History Without Black History. It’s Time To Rewrite The History Books.

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