You Are Invited to Malcolm X’s 90th Birthday

Celebration in New York City


An evening of celebration, inspiration, good music, networking, and peace…

On May 19, 2015, the legendary human rights leader Malcolm X would have celebrated his 90th birthday, had his life not been tragically taken during his journey and fight for equality and fairness for all. In the 50 years since his passing, Malcolm X’s life has been written about, spoken about, debated, made into film and honored in many, many ways, but on Tuesday, May 19th, The Source along with X Legacy and the Shabazz Center presents an opportunity to celebrate the 90th Birthday one of our greatest visionaries and leaders of all time, El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, Malcolm X. …..continue reading


Celebrating Malcolm X’s 90th Birthday Through Collective Courage and Not Mere Nostalgia

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By the look of things, America is suffering through a pretty bad identity crisis. As our society indulges in 50th anniversary commemorations of civil rights movement milestones and tragedies – such as the passage of the Voting Rights Act or the Sunday massacre at Selma police across the country continue to go unchastised for shooting unarmed, naked, and even mentally ill civilians. It is no surprise, then, that the Malcolm X is making a comeback in our national conversation about race, justice, and memory.

Predicated on decades of a national culture of police hubris not to mention systematic racial disenfranchisement, Baltimore’s descent into violence last month now echoes the many race riots that haunt this nation’s history. But riots are symptoms, not diseases, and in so long as the debts of bigotry and institutionalized racism go unpaid, our society can expect to be haunted again soon. ……continue reading

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