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027-muhammad-ali-loresMalcolm was my brother, friend, mentor and often my confidant. He was a remarkable man whose thirst for truth and righteousness for all people set him on a path that often isolated him from others. But he knew it was the path that he must walk, regardless if he found himself walking alone.

Malcolm inspired me with his eloquence and wisdom. He still inspires me. Sometimes the right road isn’t the easy road. It takes courage, conviction and personal sacrifice to stand up for truth and justice. Malcolm was that kind of man.

Muhammad Ali

hrh princess alia al hussein-loresMalcolm X is one of the truly important figures of the twentieth century. His humanity and honesty, and his strict adherence to LIVING his beliefs, literally practicing what he preached, were remarkable. Malcolm lives on and is still enriching our lives.

HRH Princess Alia Al Hussein of Jordan

PatriceGaines-loresIn the groundbreaking Growing Up X, Ilyasah Shabazz corrects the myths we have easily accepted as history about her beloved father Malcolm. Shabazz has also written a beautiful and inspirational story of an American Family surviving a great tragedy, led by a wise woman, Dr. Betty Shabazz, who refused to let assassins’ bullets destroy herself, her six daughters, or a family’s rich legacy.

Patrice Gaines

SpikeLee-loresIlyasah Shabazz has written a compelling and lyrical coming of age story as well as a candid and heart warming tribute to her parents. It is destined to become a classic.

Spike Lee

mayaangelou-loresAlmost every book is a twice told story. With each reading, the reader can safely say, I read of a life like this somewhere else. Growing Up X is a first told tale.

Only Ilyasah Shabazz could have told this story and however painful the memories, I congratulate her on the courage to remember, the courage to see, and the courage to say what she saw.

Maya Angelou